What is cryptocurrency and how it works?

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The cryptocurrency market has grown enormously in the past few years. If you’re a newcomer who hasn’t been following the dynamics of the digital currency market, it can be challenging to jump in at this point and understand its mechanism in a day.

However, there is no need to be concerned because everything takes time. Today we will go through the fundamentals of cryptocurrency to get you started. In the early stages of entering the market, it may appear like there is much information to grasp. However, it is critical to be patient, obtain as much information as possible from credible sources, and then walk confidently onto the second foot.

In the following blog by PKR2Dollar, the most trusted Ethereum exchanger in Pakistan, we will describe the cryptocurrency mechanism in a few easy steps, answering the question “what is cryptocurrency?” and “how does it work?”


Cryptocurrency is a type of asset that exists in digital form. When someone purchases cryptocurrencies, they essentially purchase or create an asset for themselves. Depending on the amount of money invested, this could be the entire asset or its portion.

After purchasing an item with a credit card and creating a cryptocurrency digital wallet, the money or asset can be swapped for products. Your digital wallet can be used to purchase or exchange services and goods.

Let’s have a look at a simple example. Consider a casino as an example, and consider your assets to be the chips you purchase there. At a casino, people first exchange their money for chips, which they then use to play games. In a digital context, cryptocurrencies are the chip you purchase, and the goods and services you buy translate to the games you play at a casino or even those gaming stations in malls. They all operate on a similar basis, except for the environment and the fact that cryptocurrency business is entirely digital, with no requirement to be physically present at the service provider’s site.

How Does It Work?

If you’re wondering how to sell and buy Ethereum in Pakistan or how different cryptocurrencies work, here’s a simple explanation.

Blockchain verifies currency exchange transactions in bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Since blockchain transactions are decentralized, it is an open network. The decentralization of cryptocurrencies spreads the transaction administration and recording mechanism over multiple computers. Blockchain transactions rely on a network of numerous computers; they are more secure than centralized currencies.

Each transaction in a controlled currency exchange setting involves an intermediary. Buyers and sellers both have faith in the middleman to handle their transactions. This strategy is often used in banks, where customers trust the bank to keep their money, and related transaction records safe.


The blockchain network disperses the risk of transaction record loss. This decentralized money exchange network assures the remaining system’s security even if one portion of it is hacked or compromised.

Consider the example of a circuit breaker to comprehend this further. When a circuit in your house blows, it does not cut off power to the entire house. Although one or two rooms may lose electricity, the rest of the house stays illuminated.

Where Its Value Is Derived From?

While bitcoin is fungible and can be exchanged for another currency or goods on the market, its value functions similarly to that of a non-fungible token (NFT). Its worth is determined by how much others are ready to pay for it.

The value of cryptocurrency can be traded for businesses. The greater the demand for cryptocurrency, the better its value. For example, house costs rise by a large percentage each year in Pakistan. Due to a growth in the number of people investing in real estate, a property that was half the price in 2010 will have doubled by 2021. A painter dies broke in life, but his works are purchased for millions of rupees after his death due to increasing demand for his art and an enhanced willingness to pay. Similarly, as more people seek to invest in bitcoin, its value rises.

Final Words

This is merely a simple explanation of the cryptocurrency system. Buying and trading Bitcoin in Pakistan and other cryptocurrencies have become much easier thanks to the widespread availability of cryptocurrency exchanging service platforms, like PKR2Dollar. We at PKR2Dollar are known as the best Eth exchanger in Pakistan.