Key features of WebMoney

Founded in 1998, WebMoney is a payment system that works internationally. WebMoney is headquartered in Moscow, Russia, allowing its 28 million customers to transact in the market. You may find that WebMoney in Pakistan has become very common, as the WebMoney system allows businesses to exchange currencies, request financing, and carry out 100% secure transactions. WebMoney users can manage their money in virtual wallets.

The WebMoney payment system handles different types of digital currencies. Depending on the currency in which you operate, your portfolio will carry a specific prefix. For example, they are WME and WMZ for Euro and US dollar, respectively.

WebMoney is indeed an easy method to transfer your money safely. You can also sell and buy WebMoney in Pakistan with the support offered by exchange companies. This post is all about discussing the core advantages provided by this payment transfer platform. You can get informative knowledge and benefit from this payment method by reading this post.

How does WebMoney work?

By having a WebMoney account, sending and receiving money electronically is easy. You can manage your payment, account, wallet, business, and so on.

If you are a WebMoney account holder and want to carry out the different operations within the platform, you must have at least one. If you have more than one, it is good. The reason is that each wallet works in a single currency (example: a dollar wallet), and these are kept in a store called keeper, along with your WMID.

All your assets within the platform are stored in entities called guarantors. All guarantors are users of the system. And being in different parts of the world, they preserve the values of diverse legal nature. The guarantors provide deposits and withdrawals of funds to the system and on behalf of users.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing in binaries with WebMoney is very simple, and you have several methods, including bank transfer, cash deposits, or deposits with WebMoney cards.

Withdrawals. In cash, with a card, with a bank account, and electronic money.

Deposits: By bank card, bank account, electronic money, and cash.

One of the most prominent advantages in the forex world is real-time transactions. You will be able to have the money that you accumulate at the moment.

Another core benefit is that WebMoney offers free deposit and transfer services. It means you do not need to pay an extra for each operation you perform.

As we always highlight, technical support will help you at any time to solve any issue.

The minimum and maximum amounts you can handle with WebMoney are $10 and $10,000, respectively. Before any transaction with binary options or currency exchange, we recommend that you make sure that you are prepared.

It is very important to handle information quickly without missing the best opportunities, and of course having the best strategy.


If you decide to enter with WebMoney in binary options, you will know that the commissions they charge per transaction will be much lower than others. More and more online businesses incorporate WebMoney as their main payment transaction service due to the high demand from users.

The WebMoney system charges a commission of 0.8% of the sum of the payment, but not less than 0.01 WM. And, the maximum for both systems in $ and £, for example, is 50 WM.

To have the money in the system, you can use the bank transfer, whose commission will depend on the bank. Its term will be 1 to 3 working days. With the WME-prepaid card, you will be able to enjoy your capital instantly to start trading with options.

Mobile App

WebMoney also offers a mobile app for you to manage your wallet conveniently. So, you can send and receive money quickly. It also means you can control all your online transactions by operating your smart mobile phone.

So, manage your wallet on your mobile by downloading the app for your device via App Store and Google Play.

Final Thoughts

WebMoney offers quick transactions that allow you to trade deposits easily. Creating an account to use this service is completely free. For various features, such as easy deposits and withdrawals, minimal rates, user-friendly apps, or others, you can’t ignore WebMoney. This platform has become the most preferred payment method in Pakistan. You can also sell and buy WebMoney in Pakistan with the support offered by a trusted exchange company. If you have WebMoney funds in your account and want to sell them in Pakistan, or you want to buy them, contact PKR2Dollar.