How to purchase BTC in Pakistan

Purchasing Bitcoin in Pakistan can be a tricky process. This article shall guide you about a few ways that can help you get the digital asset for yourself. You can acquire the asset to hold or trade; completely depending upon your expectations from the assets. 

With that said, we believe that cryptocurrencies offer a promising future and the difficulty in acquiring cryptocurrencies needs to be addressed. This way people can invest and hopefully make some money from their investments. 

Here we’ll discuss a few ways that you can get BTC and other cryptocurrencies for yourself. Some ways are hard and some are easy and convenient. We’ll put out everything for you so you can make informed decisions. 

Before that, let’s see why it is so hard to get your hands on BTC in Pakistan:

The difficulty in getting digital assets

The reason why it is so difficult to get crypto in Pakistan is that there’s no standard govt. policy on the subject. That means that banks are not accepting digital assets and are neither allowing people to purchase USDTs through their platforms. 

This is the primary reason why people can’t get easy access to USDTs. Hopefully, this issue will resolve with time, till then we’ll have to make do with the available methods. 

Let’s jump right at it and see what are the ways for you to get BTC in Pakistan. Before that, make sure that you set up your account on a trusted exchange like Binance, or Kucoin, or any other credible exchange so that you have a wallet to receive BTC. Once that’s done you can do the following:

Ask a friend or relative abroad to send you USDTs

You can seek help from someone abroad to get the necessary funds for you to trade. The problem with this method is that the fees are high. When you send money from Pakistan to other countries via bank, the charges are so high that you’ll not get the best value for your USDTs. 

Eventually, you’ll end up paying more for the funds and that’s not a great deal.

P2P option on Binance

Binance is one trusted exchange that has developed a platform for Pakistanis to sell and purchase USDTs. This is really easy, and you can get USDTs via local bank transfers. However, the thing can be a little difficult to navigate. 

Plus, the rates fluctuate a lot and you may not always get the best deal. This option is easy and convenient but you may end up paying more money than you should.

Dealing with a local exchanger

The third option is a straightforward one. This is perfect for those who want to purchase big amounts and only want to deal with reliable Bitcoin exchanges in Pakistan. Many credible exchangers also offer face-to-face dealing which reduces the chances of scams; which are common in the crypto world. 

Plus, you can get services at affordable rates and that’ll be fast. You’ll also be guided by the exchanger and won’t have to navigate everything on your own.

What’s next? 

The above mentioned are 3 primary ways for you to get BTC in Pakistan. The first one is fine if you have someone close abroad but not many can use this. P2P, the second one is also convenient but transactions of above $100 can be risky at times. 

The third one, selecting a local vendor can be the perfect one if you are looking for transactions of more than $100. Trusted and well-established vendors can easily give you BTC and cryptocurrencies for as big an amount as you’d want.

Final Words

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