All about Payeer and its core benefits

Payeer is one of the best platforms for electronic transactions, and it is also the online multi-cryptocurrency platform. This platform is intentionally designed to support the buying, selling, depositing, and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. With this platform, you can also purchase goods and services from vendors that support Payeer. So, this platform has become one of the more preferred e-payment or e-currency transaction platforms.

You can process your Dollars and other currencies by converting them into different currencies, including PKR, or digital currencies.

Payeer was established in 2019 and headquartered in Tallin, Estonia. Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (“VFSC”) and the MEAC regulate this platform. Payeer has become a famous platform, as it currently supports 177 countries, where it facilitates fiat and crypto deposits and withdrawals.

Honestly, Payeer is a very safe and useful electronic wallet. It is more commonly used in many Pakistani investment portals. Apart from that, this platform gives you a multitude of quite good alternatives that we will explain in this post later.

This post by PKR2Dollar is about the key aspects of Payeer, making it easy for you to use such services efficiently and conveniently. With our reliable services, you can exchange, transfer, and sell, buy Payeer dollars in Pakistan at a minimal percentage. This will assist you in using the payment gateways proficiently.

How does Payeer work?

Payeer is a processor created by the Russians. This wallet handles three different currencies, including Dollar ($), Euro (€), and Ruble (₽). Nevertheless, you can also deposit and withdraw digital currencies or cryptocurrencies.

You can see your balance in the BALANCE section on the “FIAT” label, you will find three cards of different shades. And in each one, you will see the symbols of the currencies mentioned earlier.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, it handles the major currencies. Currently, the Payeer supports some key cryptocurrencies, including BTC (“Bitcoin”), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), DASH (DASH), LTC (Litecoin), XRP (Ripple’s XRP), and USDT (USD Tether).

We have talked about all the benefits that the platform offers you regarding the different activities you can do, transfers, and exchange, among others.

As for verification, you can do it with total comfort and without any restriction. The verification process of your Payeer account is hassle-free.

Benefits of having a Payeer account

If you have a Payeer account, you can benefit from this platform’s most favorable features. Therefore, many countries have adopted this platform to serve their countrymen.

Maximum transaction

You can make transactions up to a maximum of $7,500. Indeed, this figure is quite attractive. Unfortunately, you may find an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis who do not move that amount of money, although it is unnecessary.

Use Payeer without verification

To verify the account, you need to go to settings, click Settings, go to the Profile and submit the requested documents. A most exciting aspect of Payeer is that you can use your account without verification. However, you will experience limited functionality. If you do not verify your account, you have to experience specific transaction and withdrawal limits. Nevertheless, you can still use this platform without completing the verification. If you verify your account, this process is quite fast.

Control your funds with the best security

The Payeer platform has a very fluid, simple, and detailed interface, suggesting that you will have control of all your savings/funds. One of the more positive aspects is that you can easily exchange various currencies, including dollars. And, you can receive money and send it at any time at your convenience. It means you will experience perfect security in your transactions. All the operations are carried out promptly, and you receive a notification to the email with the result of the same.

Mobile app

Another core advantage of having a Payeer account is that Payeer offers you a mobile app compatible with Android and IOS software. It means you can access it from your phone with ease and comfort.

Indeed, Payeer is an interesting e-wallet or e-money transaction platform. So, it should not be missing in the portfolio of anyone who works on the Internet. It is an interface that will help you save, use money, invest, and receive your online payments.

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