7 Interesting Features of Payeer

Payeer is a payment processor of Russian origin that has been online since 2010. However, this well-known payment processor is currently not available in Pakistan. This is why it is difficult for Pakistani businesses to get transactions done via Payeer. So, how to purchase Payeer in Pakistan? You will have to contact a reliable Payeer exchange in Pakistan to buy it. Regardless of this fact, Payeer has become a widely used online wallet, especially for certain online businesses that use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to pay and/or charge their customers. Payeer has some quite exciting features that we are going to review in this blog.

Interesting Features of Payeer

Payeer is an online wallet widely used to send and receive payments online anonymously, quickly, and securely. The most relevant aspects as features you should consider about Payeer are as follows:

  • You can receive money from any website without having the account verified.
  • No limitations when doing transactions (receiving and sending money).
  • The transactions between Payeer accounts have a minor commission (0.95%).
  • Currency exchange within the platform itself (PKR, Dollars, Euros, Rubles, and Cryptocurrencies).
  • You can make money because Payeer offers a 6-tier affiliate system.
  • Payeer is available in more than 200 countries, suggesting that virtually any user can sign up from anywhere.
  • It is cost-effective because of the free registration and no account maintenance cost.
  • Robust security system with email or SMS verification.
  • You can withdraw the money to your local bank account by contacting a trustworthy Payeer exchange in Pakistan.

Let’s elaborate the core features of Payeer:

  1. Receive Payments Via Payeer

Contrary to what happens in most payment processors, you can receive money in your Payeer account b simply indicating your identifier or account number instead of an email account. You will find it in the upper right part of Payeer’s web page, and it always starts with the letter P.

  1. Deposit Money In Payeer

If you need to add money to your Payeer account, you should go to the “Add” menu and choose between options. By default, you can find the four, including QIWI, AdvCash, Yandex, and Bitcoin. However, as you cannot access Payeer in Pakistan, you do not have to do all these because a reliable exchanger will do all these on your behalf.

You can also choose to deposit money via Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer, different credit cards, and even PayPal to Payeer. For this, you will need an exchanger to accept the exchange.

  1. Send Money From Payeer

If you want to send money from your Payeer account to another user or online business that uses Payeer, you need to click on the “Transfer” menu. The way to proceed is easy.

You can send money in one currency, and the other user can receive it. There is an automatic conversion system, and the commission is the same for all cases: 0.95%. However, your local exchanger in Pakistan will also charge a minimal fee.

  1. Withdraw Money From Payeer

How to withdraw money from Payeer? The process is the same as the previous one, except you will have to indicate the wallet where you want to receive your money. Withdrawing money through Bitcoin or Ethereum is the most recommended way because the commission is only 0% + 0.001 BTC.

  1. Instant Currency Exchange

Through the Exchange menu, you can instantly exchange the three available fiat currencies: PKR, Dollars, Euros, and others. This is especially useful for converting your Payeer dollars to your local currency.

  1. Payeer Prepaid Card

Payeer also offers a debit card, although it is unavailable for all countries, including Pakistan. Its cost is $9.95, and it includes no maintenance cost. However, you can use this card in other countries where it is allowed.

  1. Safety In Payeer

The safety and security in Payeer are strong, and it far exceeds PayPal. You can activate access control to your account through the following methods:

  • Email: To enter your account, you have to enter a code. You will receive such a code in the email that you have registered on the platform. In addition to the two-step verification of Gmail, this system is robust.
  • SMS: SMS verification is just like email verification. You will not receive the code by email but on your mobile phone via SMS

Wrap Up

We hope this blog will be helpful to your understanding of Payeer. Indeed, Payeer has some great features that attract more and more people to use this payment processor. It has made it very easy for you to do transactions online smoothly. Unfortunately, it is unavailable in Pakistan, but PKR2Dollar, the best Payeer exchanger in Pakistan, is here to serve you. Yes, you can now purchase, exchange, send, receive, and withdraw your Payeer dollars in Pakistan through our platform and with ease. Contact us today and make a smooth transaction!