6 Keys To Choose The Best Payment Gateway For Your Online Store

The possibilities offered by the internet for those who want to sell online are innumerable. Payment gateways, such as Payeer and PayPal, are one of those options that make it easy for e-commerce businesses to receive and send money online internationally. People who are new to the ecommerce world find it difficult to withdraw or exchange their PayPal or Payeer dollars. It is an easy process at all. If you have dollars in your PayPal account or want the Payeer dollar exchange from any other currency (fiat or cryptocurrency), you can contact a reliable exchanger to do it.

This blog is all about payment gateways, in which we will present some key points you must consider to choose the best payment gateway for your online business.  

Keys To Choose The Best Payment Gateway

At first, we briefly describe the payment gateways and then the keys you must consider to choose the best payment gateway for your online store. 

What Are Payment Gateways?

A payment gateway is an application used to carry out payment transactions between the client and the virtual store. It is simple, but it does not end there: this mechanism also connects virtual platforms to banking organizations. In this way, no intermediaries are involved in the payment process. Consequently, the customer experience is greatly improved since customers do not need to be redirected to another page to complete the purchase.

The customer experience is a decisive factor at the time of purchase. So, a payment gateway also reduces the likelihood that the customer abandons “halfway” between choosing the product and making the payment.

It does not matter if your preferred payment method is unavailable in Pakistan. You can create an account from other countries. The ultimate goal is to benefit from its most favorable features. So, how to sell Payeer in Pakistan? Simply by contacting an online exchanger!

Keys To Choose The Best Payment Gateway

Along with the two alternatives, Payeer and PayPal, you have many other options to make online payments. Some are more commonly used worldwide than others. However, which one is best for you to integrate into your platform depends on the industry of your e-commerce store.

All payment gateways have their core advantages and limitations, and you thus need to compare them to choose well. If you plan to start an online store or want to start earning money with your blog, remember the following points and carefully choose your preferred online payment gateway.

  1. Integration Time

It refers to the time taken to activate the payment method in your online store. You need to find the one that you can integrate in a short time. Some payment gateways can be configured in less than 24 hours.

  1. Platform Cost

This service implies a cost that you must consider. You must calculate the total cost of using a payment gateway. You need to consider the charges for installation, maintenance, and the fee to be paid for each transaction. These would be the three essential aspects of costs. Remember that if you avail extra services, your cost will increase. It is necessary to focus on these three aspects to have an estimate.

  1. Payment Management Through An API

When customers leave the store to complete the payment, they are more likely to abandon the purchase. Therefore, offering an Application Programming Interface (API) is convenient for the system. This function lets you effectively manage payments from the same store.

  1. Security And Anti-Fraud Mechanism

It is also necessary that the payment system has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificate. This is apart from the one you contract with your cloud hosting (making applications and websites accessible). However, you may find some platforms that offer the possibility of installing the one you already use. The security certificate guarantees that customer data is encrypted and nobody can access it.

In addition to the SSL certificate, your chosen payment method must have an Address Verification System (AVS). The function of this service is to request the fiscal address of the buyer’s card to confirm their ownership.

  1. Customer Preferences

It is essential to know whether the payment method cares for the customer preferences. You must ensure that the payment gateway offers your customers to use all currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and allow credit cards. For example, if you have an online store operating from Pakistan, you must include Visa and Mastercard, the most common transaction methods.

You can also integrate a digital wallet into your online store. Although it is a safe method for transactions, you will find only a few users of this method. It may be convenient to include this system in some sectors. 

You must assess your target audience and offer them the most reliable payment method to make the transaction process smooth.

  1. Usability

The payment method you choose must be up to date with the latest technology trends. You must ensure that your preferred method is mobile-friendly, as more and more people now tend to make their payments via mobile.

Final Thoughts

This blog has guided you in choosing your preferred payment gateway, and we hope you will learn a lot from this blog. If you already have an account in PayPal, Neteller, or Payeer and want to exchange your money, PKR2Dollar will serve you as the best Payeer exchange in Pakistan. We deal in all known payment gateways and currencies, including cryptocurrency. We are available through WhatsApp, calls, and messages; everything works fine for us!