6 Critical Factors Concerning Cryptocurrency Value

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Cryptocurrencies can rise, but they can also fall. Like, all the way down. So, what variables influence the cryptocurrency market? The first thing that comes to mind is its desire. The larger the demand for a commodity or service, the higher the price; conversely, the smaller the market, the lower the price. Aside from that, there are several factors that influence Bitcoin price swings.

If you’re wondering why, here are a few reasons to consider. In this blog by PKR2Dollar, we will delve deeper into those variables. 

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Node Count

The node count indicates the number of active wallets in the same network. You may quickly get this information by conducting a Google search or visiting the currency’s official website.

But what is the significance of node count? For starters, it demonstrates how solid the community is. A large node count indicates a robust community, and a strong community boosts the currency’s prospects of overcoming a possible crisis. Second, many nodes might reflect a network’s strength and decentralization, both of which are essential considerations in crypto.

The node count can determine whether a coin is adequately priced. Compare the currency’s node count and total market capitalization to that of more popular money. This technique isn’t entirely accurate because network architecture varies, but it offers a concept of how cryptos work and how node count might affect the price.

Production Cost

Another element that determines cryptocurrency value is its manufacturing cost. Miners utilize specialized hardware or servers to create new tokens and validate recent daily network transactions. Miners are rewarded for their efforts with virtual tokens and a network fee.

The network activity of miners allows decentralized cryptocurrencies to continue to function. Therefore, if mining expenses rise, the value of bitcoin may increase as well. It makes no sense for miners to spend their time and resources mining new cryptocurrency tokens if the payouts are insufficient to cover their costs and turn a profit. However, this is not always the case and is not consistent across all cryptos, so do your homework before committing.

Crypto Exchanges

When a token is offered on a significant number of cryptocurrency exchanges, it increases the number of people who buy and use it. If you need to switch any cryptocurrency token across two or more businesses, you will be charged a fee for each swap, escalating the investment cost.


The number of existing cryptocurrencies continues to grow, with new tokens being issued daily. There are also potential cryptocurrency projects among these new coins that could overcome a current limitation and develop an extensive user network.

Government Regulations

Certain governments dislike cryptocurrency’s decentralized and unregulated nature; thus, they seek ways to exert control over the crypto market.

The most straightforward approach to regulating cryptocurrency is to impose a tax on any fiat money users use to cash out their coins. However, since this tax would only apply to specific tokens, anyone wishing to cash out their winnings might use a different currency.

Several countries have determined that banning Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other currencies is the best approach to regulate the crypto industry. Unfortunately, if a country with many cryptocurrency users legislates new rules against cryptocurrencies, its value will suffer.

Nonetheless, a few countries, such as Japan, are experimenting with blockchain technology, reportedly establishing a national cryptocurrency that will increase the use of virtual tokens.


If there is a restricted supply of cryptocurrencies, the price will increase as fewer coins are available for purchase. However, if only 40% of the coins are in circulation and the remaining 60% is reserved, the price may fall as additional coins become accessible to buyers.

Existing coins are “burned” in some cryptocurrency projects by sending them to an unrecoverable location within the blockchain. They can regulate the available supply this way.

Final Words

Numerous elements influence bitcoin value, and there is no specific way to predict it, which is why financial experts urge you only to invest money in cryptocurrency that you can afford to lose and always conduct as much research as possible before opening your wallet.

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