4 ways to earn money online

With Pakistani job markets and economies crunching, people are willing to explore online options of making money. In this article, we shall help you know about 4 online channels that you can use to make money. 

Note that making money online is possible, but with each option comes its pros and cons. We’d advise you to explore them thoroughly before you jump into anything. With that said, let’s explore the 5 ways to make money online:

Become a content creator

People don’t just make YouTube videos for fun. Sure, a lot of channels may have started with that intention, but it can be a serious money-making stream if you work at it in the right direction. 

Content creation is one field that can make you some solid money. Many YouTubers make above $1000 per month, which is a decent income compared to what the local job market offers. You just need to stick around long enough to make your channel a success.

Also, content creation isn’t just limited to YouTube. People use other platforms to make money as well. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even blogging. Many renowned content creators can charge more than five hundred dollars for a single post. 

So that’s one option to explore. However, remember that you need the dedication to start generating revenue with content creation. It can take weeks and even several months before you earn your first dollar by creating content.


If you think that you have some serious skills, then you can sell that online to make money via freelancing. A lot of singers, writers, programmers and artists are making money by working for clients outside of Pakistan. 

Freelancing means that you hunt for clients that are looking for your services. You can hunt for clients through various platforms such as LinkedIn, UpWork, Fiverr, etc. 

This is a lucrative option and can make you great money. Many freelancers are easily making more than two thousand dollars per month by freelancing.

Again, you need to learn how to get to the client and then convince them to give their projects to you. Also, you’ll need to see if you have some skills that you can sell to people. However, this is a lucrative opportunity, and you can even learn some skills with the intention of entering the freelance world.


When BTC came into existence in the year 2009, it was worth practically nothing. For $100, you could have gathered thousands of coins. Fast-forward to today; the crypto markets are worth multi-trillion dollars, and BTC has made an ATH of $69,000.

What this means is that you can make money by investing in and trading cryptocurrencies. Many people have earned good money with this method. However, remember, it is a risky method, and you should only enter these markets with the money that you can afford to lose. 

But with the right knowledge and discipline, you can make some serious cash in crypto.

E-commerce store

This one is a combination of physical and digital platforms that can make you money. A lot of people have shifted their businesses online and are now operating via websites or e-commerce platforms like Daraz. 

This is a lucrative opportunity as well, especially with the recent pandemic making people realise the importance of online operations.

How to get your international payments in Pakistan?

The above-mentioned methods of making money have worked well for thousands. There’s no reason why it can’t work for you as well. All that you need is to analyse the pros and cons before you make the decision to make money using any one or multiple of the above-mentioned channels. 

With that said, people who work via these methods often face trouble with payments. That’s because payment gateways like Paypal, Payeer, or even stripe don’t work in Pakistan. This can make it difficult for people to receive their payments. 

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Final Words

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